Cyber Deception

Free masterclass: Writing honeypots

Cymmetria co-founder and CTO, Imri Goldberg, hosts a training session on writing honeypots. This webinar includes concrete techniques and examples, as well as instructions for using the open source honeypot platform, Honeycomb (, to utilize existing infrastructure and gain exposure for your honeypots. Watch the webinar to learn about researching an existing product and catching …

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Using cyber deception to catch entrenched attackers

When we talk about deception, we usually talk about detecting and preventing an attacker from executing lateral movement and accessing organizational assets. This post discusses using deception to actively catch an attacker who’s already deeply and comfortably entrenched in the network, and is a primer to our soon-to-be-released whitepaper on the same subject. What’s different …

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Cryptocurrency deception: Don’t trust that wallet!

Since cryptocurrency, blockchain, and smart contracts have been in the news quite a bit recently, we thought we’d go ahead and add another buzzword to the combo by working deception into it! Organizations doing ICO are being targeted, and any organization dealing with cryptocurrency now has a new attack surface and risk area to consider. A strong need …

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Deception and the SingHealth breach: the anatomy of an attack that could have been prevented

Personal data of 1.5 million SingHealth patients has been compromised in what is being described as Singapore’s worst data breach to this day. According to analysis of the SingHealth breach by multiple sources, including the Cyber Security Agency of Singapore, the attack was a sophisticated one. The attackers are said to have had a high …

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General Data Protection Regulation and Deception Solutions

The GDPR is the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation. Its main objective is to protect EU residents’ data privacy, by homogenizing data privacy laws across Europe and changing the way organizations around the world approach data privacy for EU residents. Since the GDPR came into effect on 25 May 2018, it is more important …

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SANS webcast – Building a Cyber Deception Program: Tech Essentials and Business Value

Learn about cyber deception and how to implement it, from the basics of the technology, operational requirements, and gotchas around it, to pain points it can solve and business value it can bring to the table.

After watching this webinar you will have a better understanding of how to implement cyber deception in your organization, from how to gain visibility and counter responder/Pass-the-Hash, to building complex deception stories and establishing a program.

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