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Deception is a powerful technology that is now becoming a best practice in cyber security. Deception has multiple applications that may be relevant for your organization. We’ve highlighted below some of the most common use cases we’ve encountered.

Detecting lateral movement

Detect an attacker’s movement from their initial foothold toward their target

Incident response

Reduce time-to-detection and ensure that an attacker is really gone

Personalized threat intelligence

Localized and enriched threat intelligence for your network, in context

Advanced sandbox environments

Create a realistic environment around your sandbox, for enriched results

Automatic investigation

Automatically investigate events and alerts to gain high-fidelity intelligence, reducing SOC costs

Forensic Puller

Don’t just settle for forensics, steal the attacker’s toolset

Responder (NBNS poisoning)

Detect attackers and redirect them to a deception environment with


MazeRunner provides deception capabilities for IoT and SCADA environments

Visibility into the perimeter

Gain visibility into the network perimeter

Internal threats

Create shares, web applications, and other resources sought by malicious insiders

Want to automate your incident response? Learn how.

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