Cyber deception & NATO red teams

Cymmetria was invited to participate in NATO's annual Crossed Swords exercise in Estonia, as part of the yellow team. MazeRunner was deploye...

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Catching APT3 with cyber deception

APT3 is a China-based threat actor that Cymmetria has encountered multiple times during its work with customers. In three new Cymmetria c...

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Cymmetria’s MazeRunner Product Whitepaper

Cyber deception takes an attacker-oriented approach. It leverages the fact that attackers are human, and can make mistakes. Download thi...

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Introducing ActiveSOC

ActiveSOC lets you auto-investigate SOC alerts to filter out false positives. By automatically deploying deception tailored to specific susp...

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Introduction to Cyber Deception

Download this whitepaper to learn why and how cyber deception can – and most likely will – be an important part of network security stra...

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Unveiling Patchwork – a targeted attack caught with cyber deception

Patchwork is a targeted attack that has infected an estimated 2,500 targets since it was first observed in December 2015. It is the first ta...

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