Deception Services

Get customized deception solutions for your business environment

Leverage our experts

Cymmetria’s deception services provide an end-to-end solution for analyzing your environment and creating an optimized deception strategy, maximized for effectiveness


No manpower needed

No manpower needed

Deception fully deployed, maintained, and managed by our skilled experts


Access years of experience

Access years of experience

Harness our years of experience in building effective deception


Automate incident response

Automate incident response

We help with focused hunting and gathering forensic data through building specific deception responses to ongoing incidents

More products


Cymmetria’s MazeRunner platform lets you dominate an attacker’s movements from the very beginning and lead them to a monitored deception network


ActiveSOC reduces analyst workload and SOC costs by using deception orchestration to automatically process, triage, and validate SOC alerts

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