Cymmetria offers a suite of deception products to monitor attacker movement from the very beginning, collecting valuable information about tools and tactics, approach vector, and behavior

Deception solutions to dominate the enemy

Cymmetria offers deception products that scale with your business needs, empowering you with the traps and lures to deceive and detect attackers


Cymmetria’s MazeRunner platform lets you dominate an attacker’s movements from the very beginning and lead them to a monitored deception network


ActiveSOC reduces analyst workload and SOC costs by using deception orchestration to automatically process, triage, and validate SOC alerts

Deception Services

Get customized, end-to-end deception solutions for analyzing your business environment and creating an optimized deception strategy

Why Cymmetria?

Dominate the enemy

MazeRunner intercepts attackers during reconnaissance when they have no knowledge of the network, then leads attackers through a carefully planned path toward a controlled location. At this point, MazeRunner reveals the attacker and confiscates their tools.

Business as usual

Cymmetria leverages virtualization to automate the creation of deception elements, enabling low-friction, scalable deployment. Our technology allows us to minimally affect the organization, while blending perfectly into your network and mimicking your business processes.

Improve with each attack

Since the attacker will be the only one active in the deception network, the logs will only show their steps, enabling faster and better forensics. Each monitored attack expands your knowledge of the enemy and helps you adapt and recover faster.

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