Cymmetria’s MazeRunner platform lets you dominate an attacker’s movements from the very beginning – and lead them to a monitored deception network.

Dominate the enemy

MazeRunner shifts the balance of power to the defender’s side. It intercepts attackers during the reconnaissance phase, when they have no knowledge of the network. The hackers are led through a carefully planned path toward a controlled location. At this point, believing the target is real, the attacker is revealed and their tools confiscated.

Business as usual

We leverage virtualization to automate the creation of deception elements. This enables low-friction, scalable deployment. Our technology allows us to minimally affect the organization – while perfectly blending into your network and mimicking your business processes.

Improve with each attack

MazeRunner monitors attacker movement from the very beginning, collecting valuable information about tools and tactics, approach vector, and behavior. Since the attacker will be the only one active in the deception network, the logs will only show their steps, enabling faster and better forensics. Each monitored attack expands your knowledge of the enemy and helps you adapt and recover faster.

MazeRunner Value Proposition

Protect Assets

Breadcrumbs lead attackers away
from real targets.

Situational Awareness

Get information on the attacker’s entry point
and each of their movements.

Real Alerts

Once a breadcrumb is picked up,
it means an attacker touched it.
MazeRunner alerts are real.

Investigation & Forensics

Decoys collect forensic data, including
the source/origin of the attack, tools used by the attacker, and more.


Create a footprint of the attack to share with existing organizational defense mechanisms. The attacker cannot use their tools without being detected.

More Value out of Existing Tools

MazeRunner enhances the value of existing security tools by generating attack signatures that allow immediate attack detection and mitigation.