What do industry leaders have to say about cyber deception?

What do industry leaders have to say about cyber deception?

If you’ve been following this blog you’ll have noticed that we’re not shy and we love to talk about our industry and breaking trends. At the same time, we’re always on the lookout for industry confirmation for words of the wise to further boost our determination and quest for cybersecured organizations. We strongly believe in the power of cyber deception as the tool of choice; turns out the following leaders do, too!


Deception security providers are changing the game

“This group is changing the way we do security. It is in many regards the embodiment of “actionable intelligence.’ ”

Peter Stephenson, Technology Editor, SC Magazine


Making cybercriminals hurt where it counts

“If you were to start lying to an attacker, for example, you can make them experience pain. You can create a deception zone within the network so the attacker believes he is interacting with a real node, but instead it’s the deceptive device emulating a real one.”

Lawrence Pingree, research director/analyst for Gartner’s security group

Diminishing value of honeypots

“Honeypots share a common trait — their value diminishes upon detection. Once detected, an attacker now knows which systems to avoid (your honeypot) or potentially even worse, can now feed your honeypot false or bogus information.”

Lance Spitzner, founder, Honeynet Project

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Deception has research firm’s approval

“Gartner believes that security technology providers must consider use of deception techniques during the course of their threat responses to enhance the value of attack disruption they desire within their products.”

Gartner report, 2015

Deception technology market expected to flourish

“We view this (deception technologies) as a $3 billion market over the next three years, with Israel and Silicon Valley being the epicenter of this innovation wave.”

Daniel Ives, a Senior Technology Analyst at FBR Capital Markets

Make cybercriminals work harder

“I want the bad guy to expend more effort trying to break in than I expend to keep him out.”

Allen Harper, Chief Hacker, Tangible Security

Hackers think they win but you actually do

“The ultimate deception is misinformation. Imagine supplying the hacker with fake successes, responses, files and assets to exploit. This wastes the attackers’ time and makes them feel like they have successfully hacked, unknowing that they are instead compromising a virtual world.”

Edward Roberts, Director of Marketing, Mykonos Software

Even before computers, deception was key

“Never attempt to win by force what can be won by deception.”

Niccolo Machiavelli


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