A new year, a new version of the MazeRun...

A new year, a new version of the MazeRunner Community Edition!

2017 has been an exciting year for Cymmetria. We’ve seen deception gain popularity, and our products are now used by some of the world’s largest organizations, as well as many of the coolest smaller ones.

While we’re focusing a lot of our efforts on deployment automation and overall scalability for enterprises, we are committed to the security community and continue to release new versions of the free Community Edition of MazeRunner.

I’m truly excited about this latest version of the Community Edition, which has new visualization (aka a mini “pew pew” map), a Forensic Puller feature to collect attacker-side forensics, and much more!

  • Attack visualization
  • Forensic Puller – automatically pull real-time forensic data from a compromised endpoint currently attacking you
  • Integrations screen – many of the integrations have been added into the UI to facilitate ease of use
  • Any login SSH – let an attacker in after a predefined set of login attempts
  • New reporting capabilities, including a timeline-based attack story report
  • Honeydocs
  • OS X breadcrumbs
  • Enhanced Responder.py/Pass-the-Hash deception capabilities
  • And… more!



You can download the MazeRunner Community Edition at community.cymmetria.com. We’re looking forward to hearing your feedback!


Community 1.10 Enterprise 1.9
Linux decoys
Windows decoys
User-provided decoy image (golden image)
Linux breadcrumbs
Windows breadcrumbs
Mac OS X breadcrumbs
Deception stories using business cases
Commercial use First 30 days only [1]
Large-scale deployment support
Remote deployment to endpoints through MazeRunner
Deception campaign auto-regeneration
Alerting through syslog and email
STIX/TAXII integration
Domain integration
Cuckoo sandbox integration
Alerting when attacker steals credentials using Responder.py
Alerting of attempts to use deceptive credentials obtained using Responder.py
Forensic Puller
Automatic HackBack
Remote Desktop session video recording
Security visualization
Attack stories for event investigation and reporting
Relay architecture for integrating multiple instances of MazeRunner
Custom service support
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[1] If you are installing MazeRunner Community Edition for your own private use in a non-commercial and non-production environment, you are not limited in the amount of decoys and endpoints you may deploy. If you are installing MazeRunner Community Edition on behalf of an Organization, you may use the product solely for internal testing and evaluation of the Software and its performance in a non-production environment. The software is not limited to any number of decoys and endpoints for the first 30 days, but its use is limited to 1 decoy and 10 endpoints following this 30-day period. Please consult the full text of the license for additional details, as the full terms of the license govern. For more information or to provide feedback, please contact support@cymmetria.com or visit our website.


Gadi is the Founder and CEO of Cymmetria. Prior to founding Cymmetria, he was VP of Cybersecurity Strategy for Kaspersky Lab, led PwC’s Cyber Security Center of Excellence (located in Israel), and was CISO of the Israeli government’s Internet operations. Gadi is widely recognized for his work in Internet security operation and global incident response, and is considered the first botnet expert. He is currently Chairman of the Israeli CERT.