Join Cymmetria at RSA 2016!

Join Cymmetria at RSA 2016!

RSA 2016 has begun and Cymmetria is there in full force: our advanced cyber deception solution will be demonstrated for selected partners, clients and industry specialists at the W hotel lobby, in our special display area.

Join Cymmetria at RSA 2016

The RSA convention is a great opportunity to meet leaders and climbers, learn about industry trends and showcase the advantages of advanced cyber deception.See for yourself how our product intercepts advanced attackers, devastate their operation and give the defender complete control over a threat actor’s movements.Learn more about our deception mechanism, a product of smart coding, deep understanding of advanced attackers’ psychology and the latest virtualization technology.

Join us at the W Hotel, 181 3rd street in San Francisco, see how amazing cyber deception can get and have a drink with us.

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