MazeRunner now supports SCADA, medical devices, IoT, VoIP, and other ICS and OT honeypots and decoys

We are pleased to announce that Cymmetria’s MazeRunner now supports ICS and OT honeypots as part of its offering, including IoT honeypots, SCADA control system honeypots, PLC honeypots, MODBUS honeypots, VoIP honeypots, and medical device honeypots.


Cymmetria’s philosophy of cyber deception underscores the importance of controlling attackers by creating paths that they can take in the network, shifting the burden of anomaly detection from the defender to the attacker. We believe that these paths should be made more robust by making sure they connect to real services.

Thus, after testing the capability in the field during 2017, as well as releasing standalone honeypots (such as during the mirai incident), we are now happy to announce that this new capability is immediately available to all of our Enterprise customers as part of MazeRunner.

As always, you can request a demo of MazeRunner, and try out our free Community Edition.


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