Cymmetria now offering a $1 million USD warranty for APT attacks

Cymmetria now offering a $1 million USD warranty for APT attacks

It’s time our industry put its money where its mouth is. We at Cymmetria are now offering a warranty for Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) attacks not detected by our cyber deception solution, covering damages up to a sum of a $1,000,000. The warranty is provided by a top-tier international insurer.

It comes down to this: we believe in cyber deception. Further, it has been validated by our solution. Earlier this year, we released a report detailing the most recent APT attack caught by our MazeRunner platform, dubbed “Patchwork”. This was the first time a targeted threat was captured using a commercial deception product.

After catching four APT attacks, successfully deploying to dozens of customer sites, and with over a thousand users who downloaded our free community edition and sent us feedback, we feel confident enough to say that, if our product doesn’t properly detect activity it should have detected, our customers should be compensated for the damages caused by such a failure.

It makes sense that we should be able to give our customers this extra layer of protection. It’s time the security industry started standing behind its promises to customers, and indeed show that it’s putting its money where its mouth is.

Cymmetria’s MazeRunner Enterprise Edition Warranty is immediately available to existing and new customers and can be added on to any enterprise-level contract. The free version of our product, MazeRunner Community Edition, is not covered by this warranty.

We call on our industry to follow suit and take responsibility for its solutions, and to stand behind its promises to customers.


Gadi Evron

Founder and CEO, Cymmetria


Gadi is the Founder and CEO of Cymmetria. Prior to founding Cymmetria, he was VP of Cybersecurity Strategy for Kaspersky Lab, led PwC’s Cyber Security Center of Excellence (located in Israel), and was CISO of the Israeli government’s Internet operations. Gadi is widely recognized for his work in Internet security operation and global incident response, and is considered the first botnet expert. He is currently Chairman of the Israeli CERT.

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