An Introduction to Cyber Deception

What is cyber deception? Is it indeed a new paradigm in information security, or is it just about honeypots making a comeback?

We'll explain what deception is all about, describe some of the pain points and holes that currently exist in cyber defense, and how deception addresses them.

Download this whitepaper to learn why and how cyber deception can – and most likely will – be an important part of network security strategies in the future.

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What We Do

Cymmetria offers a suite of deception products to monitors attacker movement from the very beginning, collecting valuable information about tools and tactics, approach vector, and behavior.


We Hunt

We detect lateral movement by placing deception elements in the critical path. Know where attackers are coming from and where they are headed.


We Automate

We enable automatic responses and investigation of incidents to deterministically identify whether an alert is a true positive.


We Investigate

We receive full forensic information throughout an attacker's path once
an attacker is already inside your network.


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