Don't be a sitting duck

Deception to detect, investigate, and contain attackers



We detect lateral movement by placing deception elements in the critical path. Know where attackers are coming from and where they are headed.



We enable automatic responses and investigation of incidents to deterministically identify whether an alert is a true positive



We receive full forensic information throughout an attacker's path once an attacker is already inside your network

Detect and prevent attacks

Cymmetria offers a suite of deception products to monitor attacker movement from the very beginning, collecting valuable information about tools and tactics, approach vector, and behavior


Cymmetria’s MazeRunner platform lets you dominate an attacker’s movements from the very beginning and lead them to a monitored deception network


ActiveSOC reduces analyst workload and SOC costs by using deception orchestration to automatically process, triage, and validate SOC alerts

Deception Services

Get customized, end-to-end deception solutions for analyzing your business environment and creating an optimized deception strategy

Why deception?

Early warnings and alerts

Once attackers run tools or attempt to use credentials, receive alerts on that activity in real-time. Alerts can be generated as soon as attackers attempt to use stolen credentials anywhere in the network.

Easy to deploy

Our technology allows us to minimally affect the organization, while blending perfectly into your network and mimicking your business processes

Automate decision-making

Automate decision-making in incident response. Only deploy deception when and where it is needed.


Learn more about Cymmetria and its cyber deception solutions

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