A comprehensive cyber
deception solution

Cymmetria's MazeRunner creates realistic environments to hunt cyber attackers.
Gain increased visibility, and turn your network into a place attackers would rather avoid.


MazeRunner & ActiveSOC

Lateral movement detection, attacker hunting and automated IR

cyber hunting

Control lateral movement

Shape the attackers’ path, divert them from targets, and lead them to controlled environments.

cyber deception attack mitigation

Mitigate attacks, augment existing tools

Once a decoy is attacked, signatures are generated and distributed to your existing security mechanisms.

cyber deception forensics

Gain visibility into the perimeter

Know where attackers are coming from and where they are going in your network. Attack origin, tools, and tactics are yours to analyze.

Now YOU hunt THEM

Our MazeRunner solution creates enterprise-grade hacker deception campaigns that match business processes in the organization. The deception campaigns are made of centrally managed decoys and breadcrumbs. Breadcrumbs lead the attackers to decoys, and when an attack is executed on a decoy, forensic data is gathered. Attack signatures are generated, ready to be used by existing security tools to block the attack in the organization.

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Our Technology

MazeRunner leverages virtualization technology to automate the creation and management of deception campaigns. MazeRunner technology provides easy and frictionless deployment in any environment. Decoys are full stack virtual machines that blend into their surroundings, while breadcrumbs can be placed on devices throughout the organization.

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