Cyber Deception

Detect Lateral Movement | Hunt Attackers | Automate IR

cyber hunting

Control attackers’ lateral movement

  • Breadcrumbs on workstations and servers target attackers who are gathering information.
  • Network breadcrumbs target attackers sniffing traffic and using (Pass-the-Hash attacks).
  • Decoys gather forensic information such as malicious executables or C&C server addresses (decoys are real servers, based on your environment).
cyber deception attack mitigation

Automate response with ActiveSOC

  • ActiveSOC™ provides playbooks of deception response to events.
  • The deception playbooks can be used by analysts when hunting for attackers based on suspicious activity.
  • ActiveSOC can automate response playbooks upon triggers from the SIEM.
cyber deception forensics

Gain visibility into the


  • The centrally managed decoys are aware of their surroundings.
  • Decoys gather information on network activity.
  • Know where attackers are coming from and where they are headed in your network.

Our APT warranty

We are confident our solutions will detect any attacker making lateral movement in the organization.

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Our technology

Nested virtualization for centralized decoy management, automatic deployment of decoys to cloud environments, network breadcrumbs, automated incident response, and much more. Learn more about the technology behind Cymmetria’s products.

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